Advertisers, politicians and the media, often ply you with half truths to support their case, whilst quietly suppressing contrary evidence. If you do not want to rely on what "they" tell you, then you need a realistic world model against which to judge the information. The assessment of information is one of the skills you develop when training as a scientist or engineer, a skill which alters your outlook on the world. On this site are presented the products of some such assessments, both as detailed formal papers under published papers, and more generally as approximate "back of envelop" sums on more fundumental issues (in this section). Take a look at any that interest you. If you disagree with the conclusions, then which of the items of data, or steps in the logic, causes this disagreement, and importantly, would any proposed changes be enough to alter the conclusions?

I would be pleased to accept reasoned criticism of my calculations. Just e-mail me (without the spaces) at
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