Newtonian Lift and Drag of Blunt Cone Cylinder Bodies.
by J. Pike.
AIAA Journal, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 176-180, February 1972

Newtonian theory is used to derive the lift and drag of a class of axisymmetric bodies representative of rocket or re-entry shapes. The expressions are valid for any orientation of the bodies, and they are used to obtain the maximum lift to drag ratio for a constant friction drag. They are also used to optimise the nose shape for a given thickness ratio. It is found that there is a unique blunted body, which at any incidence less than about 30 degrees, has both maximum lift ad minimum drag.

This early paper demonstates the way in which Newton's Impact theory allows the derivation of analytic expressions for the aerodynamic forces on certain types of body shape.

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